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An adaptation of a traditional Ming Dynasty opera. 


In order to tell the story in a way that was meaningful to our modern multicultural cast, crew, and audience, the world of the show was not rooted in Chinese aesthetics. Using a mix of extant music and original composition, I drew from a wide variety of inspiration–from the clangy atmospheres of the Baschet brothers and experimental rock to the Balinese suling and ambient pads.  The result was a strange, dreamy sonic landscape–sometimes menacing, sometimes deteriorating, always larger than life.


The story takes place in 3 realms: the human world, the temple, and an underground kingdom of ants.  Using speakers above and below the audience, I carefully spatialized the sound to both locate the action in space and envelope the audience in the fantasy.

Master Qixuan/Commander Zhou: Ashwath Ram
Chunyu: Jack Goldwait
Princess/Maid/Soldier: Romy Kim
King/Partridge: Matthew Goodrich
Queen/Old Maid: Rachel Edelstein
Prime Minister/ Monk/Ambassador: Justin Henriksen
Duchess: Shireen Rose Heidari
Lady Truffle: Lucy Ma 马千卉
Priestess Itty: Melody Tay Xi Ching 郑晞晴
Tian/Ambassador/King & Prince of Rattan Sandalwood: Austin Peyton

Director: Zoë (Duoyi) Wang
Scenic Designer: Yueyi Zhang
Lightning Designer: Jackson Funke
Sound Designer and Composer: Clare Marie Nemanich
Costume Designer: Nuoyan Guan
Video Designer: Weifang Chang

Choreographer: Giada Jiang
Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Barasch
Movement Consultant: Austin Peyton
Producer: Joyce Qian
Production Manager: Bill Ballou
Stage Manager: Cassy Sottile
Technical Director: Sophia Prothero
Technical Director: Ethan Geisness

Assistant Scenic Designer: Jamieh Wang
Assistant Lightning Designer: Lauren Dixon
Costume Supervisor: Ashley Snyder
Assistant Costume Designer: Ruijun Zou
Assistant Video Designer: James Raymond
Associate Producer: Grisis Yu
Associate Production Supervisor: Sam Millette
Assistant Stage Manager: Darby Huffaker
Assistant Stage Manager: Jacob Padilla

A Dream Under the Southern Bough

written by Tang Xianzu

translated by Zhang Guangqian

adapted by Zoë (Duoyi) Wang

Produced at Walt Disney Modular Theater

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

November 2023

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