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For four years, Jimmy Mac and I co-hosted Dave Nemo Weekends on SiriusXM 146 Road Dog Trucking Radio.  It's a show for truckers that's specifically not about trucking.  It's designed to give listeners a weekend, even if they're on the road for weeks at a time, and take a mental break from the rules and regulations.  Our topics, interviews, and calls cover a wide range of subjects, including history, movies, music, science, motivation, sports, and literature.

I also hosted a weekly health and wellness segment for five years on The Dave Nemo Show called "Highway to Health." Trucking is both a profession and lifestyle—and not one that lends itself to good health.  Prolonged sitting, limited dietary options, pressure from deadlines and regulations, and long stretches away from home can contribute to significant health issues.  H2H's mission is twofold: To provide engaging information from experts that inspires listeners to take an active role in preventative healthcare, and to destigmatize mental and other healthcare issues that thrive in the darkness. 

These clips are taken from 30-60 minute interviews.


Part of my work as Programming and Production Director for RadioNemo is writing, voicing, and producing a variety of radio commercials to air on The Dave Nemo Show, The Tim Ridley Show, and Dave Nemo Weekends on SiriusXM 146 Road Dog Trucking Radio. ​




A supernatural over-the-road adventure originally created in 2018 for Dave Nemo Weekends on SiriusXM 146 Road Dog Trucking Radio. The series is written and voiced by Jimmy Mac with my original music, sound design, and additional voiceover. Our listeners would suggest spooky places for Snake to investigate, and were written into the story.  

Using a Yamaha SY77 that I’ve named “The Big Trouble,” my music is both an homage and send up of the soundtracks of John Carpenter.  As Jimmy Mac puts it, Snake is “both a total idiot and a righteous dude.”  These stories take place in the now, but Snake’s world and views are firmly rooted in a hypermasculine badassery that, yes, we are also sending up.  I aim for an immersive, rich design that enhances the comedy and horror of the writing and performance --- and builds a world in which Snake would exist.

We revived Snake for a new season in 2023.  These longer form episodes move us away from the one-off format and begin to build a story that will be fully realized in "Shadow Out of Service"--a full cast, immersive story.  We also began the "Catalogium Mysterium" episodes, which live in a different sonic world and are entirely voiced by me, Clare Marie, as my character, Clare Marie. 

Here are some of my favorites, but you can find the full series here or where ever you listen to podcasts. 

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