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A biting examination of the Cult of the Colonel.  Despite having been exposed numerous times for practices ranging from unethical to cruel, KFC has 25,000 restaurants in over 145 countries and territories around the world.  They get away with murder as consumers buy into a bizarre fantasy of a sweet southern gentleman hand-herbing-and-spicing nutritious dinners for wholesome families.


LINGER FICKIN’ GOD is a pendulum swinging between discomfort and humor, blending live performance and fixed media.  It features my music-playing chickens, vintage footage of Colonel Sanders, KFC ASMR (it’s a thing!), analog video synthesis, AI, brutalized rubber chickens, a screaming metal chicken, and a wearable sonic mask. ​

Watch some of the projections below.

LINGER FICKIN’ GOD was created for the 2023 Experiments in Electronic Sound Festival but performed later due to COVID.  It builds on an earlier idea, workshopped in 2021 as DOOPAMINE LOPE. In this early performance, projections show various forms of consumption and compulsion. Voiceover and soundscape draw on themes of mad science, dopamine loops of seeking and reward, and chickens as the hallmark of the anthropocene.  My chickens play violin live, giving immediacy to the conceptual and elevating the chickens to the level of composer. 

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