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A wickedly funny, poignant rock musical.

This performance is intimate (and I mean that in every sense)--so intimate that the line between reality and reminiscence becomes blurry. 


Frequent interruptions from Tommy Gnosis' nearby stadium concert are an important part of the sound design.  Because the show features an on-stage band and 11 musical numbers, my sound design was more subtle, largely using a broadcast motif to create light underscoring.

Radio and TV broadcasts are key to Hedwig's story, whether it's watching Jesus Christ Superstar with her mother or discovering her love of rock 'n roll late at night on American Forces radio.

In the sequences on this page, I used period broadcasts from 88FM AFN Berlin and Tom Brokaw's reports at the Berlin Wall along with carefully selected clips from musical artists Hedwig references to further blur the line between her memory and our experience.  As Hedwig's mental state deteriorates, the content of the clips is subverted.

Clare Marie Nemanich’s sound designs created a robust environment, significantly when transporting the viewers by means of the outer reaches of Hedwig’s thoughts.

--The Today Press

Hedwig and the Angry Inch  

Book by John Cameron Mitchell

Music and lyrics by Stephen Trask

Produced by Rainbow Carnage Productions at Cafe Istanbul, New Orleans, LA, September 2018

Hedwig: Edward Carter Simon

Yitzhak: Kimberly Kaye

Skszp: Ainsley Matich

Krzyzhtoff: Sergio Pagan

Schlatko: Chris Guzzardi

Jacek: Jimmy Williams

​Director: Kimberly Kaye

Music Director: Ainsley Matich

Stage Manager: Jenny Billot

Sound Designer: Clare Marie Nemanich

Lighting Designer: Scott Sauber

Live Sound Engineer: Dylan Young

Scenic Assistant: Ray Lopez

Technical Director: Edward Carter Simon

Creative Consultant: Michael Cerveris

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