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A beautiful new play written by Christina Quintana that explores culture, language, generations, memories, and queerness. 

It was inspiring to work with Sarah Quintana, who contributed a live original acoustic guitar score.  I recorded and manipulated Sarah's motifs in order to blend the textures of live guitar and sound design, create a bridge between her compositions and the action on stage, and enhance the dreamlike quality of the play. 

Whether it was an uneasy buzz of fluorescent hospital lights, the ambience of an old Cuban cemetery, or the manipulated dreamtones of Sarah's guitar, this design was quiet and subtle, with elements that faded in imperceptibly and slowly wove through the language of the actors.  Sound design was also important in establishing space, as the set design was minimalistic.

Sarah and I were awarded a Big Easy Entertainment Award for Best Sound Design for our work on Azul.


Written by Christina Quintana

Produced at Southern Rep Theatre, New Orleans, LA

March 2019


Yadra/Ester: Zuleyma Guevara

Zelia/Antonia: Cristina “Cuba” Hatheway

Loré/Nena: Sol Marina


Director: Estefanía Fadul

Scenic Designer: Kimberly Powers

Lighting Designer: Joyce Liao

Sound Designer: Clare Marie Nemanich

Costume Designer: Ellen Bull

Props Designer: Kara Borasch

Musician/Composer: Sarah Quintana

Stage Manager: Jamie Berry

Assistant Stage Manager: Hannah Alexandra Jacuzzi

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