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I read in Owl by Desmond Morris that we might attribute so many human and otherworldly qualities to the owl because their eyes are so much like ours.  But what is it about eyes that we love so much? I’ve been drawing and collecting eye things since I was a kid. In fact, this little guy is a design I carved into a stamp in high school. 


I’m constantly aware of my own eyes.  I’ve worn glasses for over 30 years, and a single smudge ruins my day.  Astigmatism makes every light into a huge sunburst at night.  I cry a lot, about everything, yet I was tested once and found to have 1/20th the normal tear production. My eyes have gotten so dry my corneas have been scratched by blinking.  I got tiny plastic plugs put into my tear ducts to try to keep them from draining what natural lubricant my eyes do make, but they fell out very quickly.  I’m sensitive to indoor and outdoor light. I can’t sleep without an eyemask.  I often have the sensation there is something in my eye when there’s not, but once, I pulled out a 3” hair.  I’ve only seen the ocean twice, and the last time, a piece of sand got in my eye and I had uncontrollable watering and spasms for hours. 

What I’m saying is that I have endless material for this series. 


Initial rules of the world:

–Mixture of 2D, 3D, overhead projection, digital, physical–whatever is needed in the moment

–Unvoiced intertitles

–His voice is multiple layers of simultaneous TTS narration in various accents, with subtitles

–He is an eye with a body. The body can change to suit the environment or needs of the process.  

–The eye changes constantly, cycling through eyes at all times

–He may have a cut out eyelid that closes to express himself

Note--this is a work in progress.  Some scenes haven't been created, and sound has only been added to the very end.

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