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Doopamine Lope:
A Song Cycle

A three-piece absurdist collage.  


Projections show various forms of consumption and compulsion.  


Voiceover and soundscape draw on themes of mad science, dopamine loops of seeking and reward, and chickens as the hallmark of the anthropocene.


My own chickens perform live, clicker-trained to play violin, giving immediacy to the conceptual and elevating the chickens to the level of composer. 


Workshopped as a 9 minute piece, I am interested in inserting breathing room and expanding it into a longer installation performance.  I'd also like to use the skills I've since learned to revamp the video!


Text by Clare Marie Nemanich

Voiceover by Jimmy Mac, Bar Landau, Cheryl Nemanich, & Clare Marie Nemanich

Original Music & Sound Design by Clare Marie Nemanich

Featuring Bachbeak & D(v)ora(k): Chicken Composers & Finger Peckin' Gods

Video by Clare Marie Nemanich

with contributions by Ashley Snyder, Adam Tourek, & Andy Tiesdel

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