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An Installation

collaboration with Eliot Burk
presented in the WaveCave at CalArts
December 2023

A weeklong installation. Eliot Burk and I worked separately and together at all hours curating a partially improvised, partially planned, constantly evolving installation of object, sound, and performance.  

Some of the things that occurred:


“Exposed,” a performance by M A Harms and me in which we wore mannequins and improvised on instruments we did not know how to play (more here).


Improvisations with other artists, including Daniel Newman Lessler, Brody Scott, Jeremy Wei-Rosenstock


“Ricochet Lady” by Alvin Lucier performed by Eric Lennartson and Eliot Burk


A 16-hr piano piece performed by Eliot Burk

A rehearsal of Messien's "Quartet for the End of Time"


Open invitations to improvise with latex gloves and packing tape


Many hours of 4-channel audio, many hours of silence, and some hours of video projection


Hundreds of broken instruments from previous performances by Eliot Burk, slowly sorted and arranged


Piles of dirt and ritual objects


A large wooden table with an open invitation to burn, sand, carve

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